10 Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Today’s web hosting companies make it easy for anyone to get their own website online. For a small monthly fee, the host takes care of everything for you and walks you through the setup process so you don’t have to worry about anything. It takes no time at all to get a website up and running, even if you’ve never done it before.

Picking a web host for your business can be a challenging process. There are several things you need to consider before making this decision, including the number of visitors you get, the type of content you publish, the size of your website, among many other things.

Here are my recommendations of the best web hosting services for you in 2022. Here are my top picks, and I’ve included a brief guide about how you can find the right one for you.

What is web hosting?

In a nutshell, web hosting is a way to make your website available to people all over the world. You will have a dedicated/ shared server with an Internet connection and you can use it to upload your website files. This service also includes access to web-based administration tools, where you can manage your website content, domain name, e-mail accounts, and other functions.

What Is VPS Web Hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer a very similar service to shared hosting, but with a number of key advantages. VPS is like dedicated hosting on a slightly smaller scale.  It’s also known as managed hosting and provides greater flexibility than other dedicated solutions, like a private server or fully dedicated server. It’s flexible and scalable, making it ideal for companies that need to scale their web presence as they grow.

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is a way to host a website on its own server. This type of web hosting allows you to have your own dedicated space on a single physical machine with other users sharing the resources. his server can be the only thing hosted on the server, or it can have other clients sharing its resources – depending on how much you pay for it. Dedicated web hosting solution most frequently purchased by small businesses and companies that have outgrown their shared web hosting accounts.

What Is WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress is a popular online content management system (CMS) that allows you to create your own blog, website, or online store. It powers over 60 million websites and 27% of all new websites are built with WordPress. WordPress is a piece of software that you can install on your webserver to create, publish, and manage content. This means that rather than paying for hosting services from an external company, you install WordPress onto your server and then upload the site yourself. Depending on what type of WordPress hosting package you choose.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting, also known as white label hosting, is a form of web hosting in which the customer purchases server space from the network operator and resells it to end users. The term “white label” refers to the fact that servers are often customized with the customer’s own brand or logo. For providers, this type of business model has several advantages over shared or VPS hosting. Reseller plans can be more profitable than other hosting models because they have fewer overhead costs associated with them

What Is CloudBased Hosting?

Cloud-based hosting is a form of web hosting service that stores data and other information on remote servers connected to the Internet. The main advantage of cloud-based hosting is that it allows users to access their server-hosted content from anywhere using online services, such as websites or apps. Users can use an Internet browser or mobile app on any device with an Internet connection to view their hosted content.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a type of internet hosting designed to host email traffic. Email Hosting is a service that allows you to store, send and manage your emails and messages.

The service is provided over the internet using protocols such as POP3, IMAP, or HTTP. The hosted email system allows users to access all their emails from any place with an internet connection. This means that all data of your emails and messages are stored on a remote server rather than on your personal computer. Some hosting services also offer additional features such as webmail, which allows users to send and receive email through a web interface. Webmail is sometimes offered as an alternative to a standalone email client, especially on websites where many users will be accessing the same mailbox.

What is Hosting Bandwidth and Storage?

Hosting bandwidth and storage are the two most important components for any website. A hosting company provides the hardware and software needed to store information and keep it accessible over the internet 24/7, so your business can reach clients no matter where they are in the world. When it comes to bandwidth, you need a server that can handle spikes in traffic. Bandwidth refers to how much data is sent from one place to another for your website or server. This is usually measured in terms of megabytes per second (Mbps), and it is a good idea to make sure that you have more than enough bandwidth for what you plan on doing with your website. How much hosting storage do you need? Hosting storage refers to how much data can be saved on the server, which will then be available whenever someone visits your site.

What is the Meaning of a Small Business Website?

A small business website is the online representation of your business. It allows you to communicate with potential customers and other businesses, in an interactive manner. If you have an existing brick-and-mortar business, it also allows you to market your products and services to people who may not be able to come into your store.

The right website for your small business should reflect the personality of your company. You want potential customers to see that they can trust you, and your brand.

Best Web Hosting Service Provider

When you are planning to build a website, the first thing you need is a hosting service provider. The main issue that people face in finding the best web hosting service provider is the overabundance of options available on the market today. There are many companies that offer the best web hosting but only a few provide comprehensive services for your needs at an affordable price.

Image Source from Hostgator

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world, with a solid reputation for fast, reliable hosting. While they have a great reputation, they also offer some pretty incredible deals on hosting that make them especially appealing to small businesses, bloggers, and people just starting out online.

HostGator offers affordable shared and reseller hosting plans that come with plenty of options for beginner users who are just starting out and don’t necessarily have a lot of technical knowledge or experience in the field. If you need a solid web host with excellent customer service, this is one place where you can definitely get your money’s worth. The company offers a wide variety of plans and services, so you can find exactly what you need at an affordable price.

When you sign up for a HostGator web hosting plan, you can expect the following:

A 99.9% uptime guarantee

24/7 customer support through live chat and email

Flexible plans to suit your needs and budget

Industry-leading security features to protect your site from hackers and spammers

hostgator price
Image Source from Hostgator

Their starter plans are $2.75/month, and they go up from there to about $5.25/month. HostGator is also a member of the Endurance International Group (EIG), which owns multiple other web hosting companies, including Bluehost and iPage.

Image source from Bluehost

Bluehost Web Hosting

BlueHost is the best web hosting company that offers the best hosting packages for WordPress websites. It has been ranked among the top web hosting companies by numerous independent sources, including PCMag, CNET, and The Motley Fool.

BlueHost was formed in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Ben Uretsky. The company is based in Salt Lake City Utah and has over 2 million websites hosted on more than 260,000 servers.

Bluehost offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting with a Cpanel control panel. The company also offers domain name registration, email services, SSL certificates, and other services related to website management. The company’s managed WordPress hosting and VPS offerings have been particularly helpful to many customers who have moved beyond shared hosting into more advanced web applications.

Bluehost price
Image source from Bluehost

The pricing options are competitive. Shared hosting starts at $2.95 per month, but if you are a new customer you get major discounts. The upgrades available allow for virtual private servers (VPS). VPS adds a level of security and access for businesses that need more flexibility with how they use their server space.

Image source from Inmotion

InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a web hosting company that specializes in shared hosting plans for customers who are just getting started or who don’t need a lot of space. They offer shared best web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server plans.

They have been around since 2002, so they know their stuff. They were acquired by EIG in 2009, but still, operate much the same way with customer satisfaction as their number one priority. InMotion Web Hosting is a top-rated web hosting provider with over 3,000,000 domains hosted.

The company’s founder, Ryan Boren, was an early adopter of managed WordPress hosting. He began offering managed WordPress hosting in 2009 when most hosts didn’t even know what it was. InMotion Hosting was one of the first companies to focus on WordPress as a service, and they have been doing it ever since.

Inmotion price
Image source from Inmotion

InMotion Hosting is the best web hosting company. They have 2 data centers in the US and 1 in the UK. They offer WordPress hosting, PHP, MySQL, databases, email accounts, DNS management, cloud storage, SSL certificates, and more. They provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and their 247 support is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and ticket system.

Image source from Dreamhost

DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost is a web hosting company that has been helping customers to get online since 1997. They are known for their excellent customer service and affordable prices.

Like most web hosting companies, DreamHost offers many different hosting plans, but what separates them from the rest is its unique approach to pricing. Their plans aren’t based on the amount of bandwidth or disk space used, but rather on how many sites you want to host. Another unique part about DreamHost is their extensive knowledge base of articles that teach users how to do things like installing WordPress, finding out which plan would be best for them, and more.

Web hosting is the backbone of any online community, and DreamHost makes it easy to get up and running with a website. It offers a range of hosting solutions for all types of websites, from blogs and small-business websites to large e-commerce operations.

Dreamhost price
Image source from Dreamhost

DreamHost offers two kinds of hosting: shared and dedicated. The company offers shared hosting starting at $2.59/month.

A2 hosting
Image source from A2 hosting

A2 Hosting Web Hosting

A2 Hosting is the best web hosting service in the US they offer high-end web hosting options at an affordable price. A2 has been in business for more than 10 years, and there are thousands of clients in more than 160 countries who host their sites with the company.

A2 comes with a 100% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7 customer support system. This company really gets what it means to provide a quality service.

There are lots of different plans available on A2, so you can customize your package based on your needs. We recommend A2 for all of you because we know that they won’t ever be let down.

A2 can help businesses of any size take their business to the next level by providing them with the tools and resources they need to get their website online. The company can also provide businesses with everything they need to maintain their websites and keep them secure.

a2 hosting price
Image source from A2 hosting

A2 Hosting focuses on helping businesses maintain a secure and fast-running website. If you have a small to medium business, with 20-50 employees and you have a website that you want to keep up and running and don’t have time. Don’t worry about it, A2 web hosting takes care of everything so you can focus on the more important aspects of their business.

Wp engine
Image source from Wp engine

WP Engine Web Hosting

Since its inception in 2008, WP Engine has grown to become the largest WordPress hosting service in the world. They provide solutions for high-traffic websites and blogs, designed to scale your business.

In a nutshell, WP Engine allows you to focus on creating content instead of worrying about server infrastructure. They’ll take care of the updates and security for you, so you can focus on making your website awesome. This is ideal for bloggers who don’t have time to learn server administration or don’t have a big budget.

WP Engine hosting platform provides solutions for making websites load faster, easily manage traffic, and reduce development headaches.

Wp engine price
Image source from Wp engine

The WP Engine API allows you to interact with the platform’s functionality from your own applications. The API is RESTful and returns resources in JSON format. It uses OAuth 2 for authentication and all API calls require an API key.

WP Engine offers three different plans: Grow Big, Go Small, and Start Small. Regardless of what plan you choose.

Image source from Hostinger

Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger is the best web hosting company that offers cheap, high-quality services and a great customer experience. They started in Poland in 2006 with just one server, and now, their network consists of more than 500 servers in 14 countries and four continents. Their most popular web hosting plans have available space and traffic that range from 2 GB to 1,000 GB and 100 GB to 10 TB respectively.

Because they are based in Europe, they offer customers the opportunity to get even better prices by using euros or British pounds instead of dollars. Hostinger has a good reputation and support. They provide 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone calls. You can use them to host your website and email.

Here are some features of Hostinger Web Hosting:

– Free Domain Name

– Free 1 Click WordPress Installer

– 24/7 Online Support

– 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Hostinger price
Image source from Hostinger

Hostinger web hosting is the ultimate solution for startups and small businesses as it combines power, security, and efficiency. It is a great choice for all brands that have just started their online presence. Hostinger web hosting’s powerful servers deliver high speed and are secured by military-grade hardware.

Image source from Liquidweb

Liquid Web Hosting

If you’re running a website or web application, it is vital that you have a good server in order to satisfy your users and keep them coming back. The best way to ensure this is by using Liquid Web Hosting.

Liquid Web Hosting offers cloud hosting with the latest technologies and features, ensuring your site is optimized for performance. With an enterprise-class Web Application Firewall, you won’t have to worry about hackers getting in and compromising your data. This will help you sleep better at night.

The company also offers easy-to-use control panels for managing your server. Liquid Web works with small and large businesses, artists, non-profits, bloggers, and anyone else looking to create an online presence.

Liquid price
Image source from Liquidweb

Liquid Web offers a wide variety of hosting services depending on your needs: shared hosting, VPS, managed WordPress hosting, and more.

Image source from Siteground

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround is an excellent web hosting company with an outstanding reputation. Their hosting plans are the best and they offer the best customer service in the business.

SiteGround has become one of the most reliable and fastest-growing hosting providers online. Their innovative approach to web hosting helped them grow from a small startup company in 2005 to one of the most successful companies in the industry today.

SiteGround is not just another web hosting provider. It’s an international team of passionate individuals striving to make the Internet a better place by providing superior customer service and hosting solutions.

Siteground price
Image source from Siteground

SiteGround offers the best hosting solutions: WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Servers.  A lot of newbie bloggers tend to choose SiteGround due to its ease of use and competitive pricing.

Image source from Greengeeks

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Green Geeks is an eco-friendly cloud hosting company that provides affordable and reliable solutions for the best web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. This organization running since 2008. GreenGeeks distinguishes itself by its approach to green web hosting. It doesn’t just focus on being eco-friendly, it also focuses on being user-friendly.

GreenGeeks provides hosting and domain services for thousands of small businesses, non-profits, and online entrepreneurs. GreenGeeks is committed to sustainable web hosting and works hard to provide a cost-effective, green solution.

Green Geeks is a cloud hosting provider shared vision of a team of IT professionals who are also environmentally conscious. Green Geeks is dedicated to making a difference, one server at a time.

Greengeeks price
Image source from Greengeeks

GreenGeeks also offers free website building tools, 24/7 support, green blog features, search engine optimization tools and blogs, email, and other basic tools. Hosting services produce a large amount of carbon footprint. On average, data centers consume more than 50% of their total energy for cooling.

The Web Hosting Features You Need

When comparing web hosting companies, it’s important to look at more than just the price. You also need to consider the features that are included in the package.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a web host. While it’s tempting to go with the cheapest option, you’ll be better off if you invest a little extra money in a plan that gives you everything you need and then some.

A good web host should include unlimited email accounts, easy-to-use website builders, and 24/7 customer service representatives who can handle any issues you might have. They should also offer a number of free extras, such as marketing tools and storage space.

You need to select a plan with enough room to grow because your website traffic and the amount of information you store on the server will increase over time. Be aware that different web hosting companies measure data transfer in different ways, so make sure that you understand how the data transfer limits are calculated.

The amount of space available for the user on the server. This value is specified in megabytes (MB). The name of the domain to which this object belongs and the user name with which this mailbox is associated.

If you’re on a budget, consider starting out with a web host that offers monthly plans. These are usually more affordable than annual plans. You can always upgrade later if your business becomes more successful.

Difference between web hosting and cloud hosting

The world of web hosting can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner. If you don’t already have a specific host in mind, you might be worried about choosing the wrong one, which can lead to all kinds of problems later on.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to make your website accessible over the internet. Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the Internet.

Cloud hosting, also called cloud computing, involves storing and accessing data, applications, and services online instead of an on-site computer system. Cloud computing typically involves three main components: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

Difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting

The most important part of success is choosing a web hosting plan that suits your needs. If you choose a plan that is too small or doesn’t offer the right level of support and security, your site may not function properly.

If you are running a blog or a website, it is important to know the difference between the two. You may not be aware of the fact that there is a huge difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting.

There are many hosting companies out there that offer cheap packages for your web hosting needs but do not be deceived by their low prices as these companies charge you high on resources. On the other hand, WordPress hosting is cost-effective, as they offer all the required resources to run your website smoothly.

The services provided by WordPress hosting companies are in-depth, with lots of features, which makes them a good choice for all types of websites. WordPress hosting also offers you a range of features like easy installation, automatic updates, database backups, daily malware scanning, and more.


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