Best Methods to Fix an Invalid Email Address

An invalid email address is the cause of an email not being delivered. An invalid email can also be a problem for a bounce. For that reason, knowing how to fix an invalid email address is important if you want emails from companies in your inbox.

This issue might happen when checking off those sign-up lists too. It doesn’t matter how big this problem may seem; there are always ways out! But first things first: let’s start by getting into understanding what exactly makes up an ‘invalid’ email address and then get into correcting emails.

What is an Invalid Email Address?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Invalid email address” is pretty self-explanatory. An invalid e-mail address is one that doesn’t exist, or if it’s incorrect for any reason–it won’t deliver to the right person.

Most of the email lists contain a number of invalid addresses: 5% – 30%. This might surprise you; however, in reality, this percentage can be very large and broad depending on your list size. So no matter how big or small your list may be, at least 30% seems like a high number which can affect deliverability rates.

To plan for future emails and keep them from being delivered to the wrong people as much as possible cleaning up these faulty addresses should always come first when deciding what needs attention in an inbox today! Let’s start by learning how we determine whether an email has been sent properly or not.

How a Valid Email Looks Like

What does a legitimate email look like? You might ask. An email has three parts- the local address, the domain name, and an identifier of that domain. Every part is checked by validation services to see if it’s valid or invalid; we’ll use this example in those explanations:

In this example “example” is our local address which is stored on the server as a particular name for us and “.com” identifies our domain name- meaning server– so the whole thing reads as “example at the server dot com”. If any of these parts are missing from your emails, you will immediately get an automatic invalid message delivered to your inbox!

Five Reasons an Email Address Might be Invalid

You’ve done a good job collecting email addresses and making a list. But remember that these are human-submitted email addresses, meaning they’re not perfect. We, humans, make mistakes here and there- might not be so great for the campaign manager but it’s true that your email submission form catches quite some invalid emails.

But people aren’t the only reason why an address is invalid; we’ll surely learn how to fix this problem too! First, let’s find out what causes it in the first place though…


Emails are never considered valid if they contain errors. This is a common problem as every letter and symbol matters when it comes to an email address, an extra letter or missing one can cause you to end up with an invalid email address.

Typos are the most likely reason for a search result on your own emails being invalid because people tend to type quickly in order to complete them as fast as possible- this leads to some people’s emails being incorrect and putting unwanted problems in the way that they must fix themselves.

Change of Email

One of the reasons for invalid email address search results is if the person you’re trying to reach has changed their email address. Many people seem to enjoy changing their emails now and then, so they can keep them fresh & exclusive over time.

What these mood-changers do is trash their previous one and have a new one the worst-case scenario is that they don’t even care to delete that unused and inactive email. A story of some whimsical leads up with an entirely worthless e-mail address because it doesn’t provide any value at all.

Change of Position

It’s a typical thing for companies to switch people from one position to another. And when this happens, your email address may be automatically switched as well. For example, if you were working with company A and then they decide to give you a promotion or move you into their B division.

There is always that risk of being assigned an inactive email address while using the same server at work. This has been happening in every giant corporation-large or small–and it ends up being your most dreaded task: cleaning up other peoples’ messes!

Dead Domain

If the domain of a company is dead, then there is also an increased chance that all other emails connected to it are as well. A deceased domain means either the company isn’t doing business anymore or they have changed their domain and do not want their old one anymore.

One solution if this issue happens with your emailer’s domains would be to filter out all other emails from them, along with the same address.

Dead Email Provider or Server

Both the cases of a domain being down or just gone for a good lead to the same consequences. When an email reaches that specific server, it is counted as invalid because it cannot deliver to its destination.

When you surf through your list, checking if any company’s business is out of commission-or their email provider has a dead server-is necessary. Sometimes this can be due to simply too technical issues, but considering the possibility of an email provider going bankrupt could also serve as justification for this problem occurring in some way.

Fix an Invalid Email Address

10 Best Methods to Fix an Invalid Email Address

Enough with all these insights! Let’s get into how we solve this mess very easily: All you have to do is make several small steps and work your way out of things very easily

Communication First

In the professional world, sending and receiving emails has been a common courtesy for some time. But what if you could talk to that important person on Skype or in-person? Connecting beforehand opens up the chance of finding out whether they’ve changed their email address.

It may also provide insight into why an email isn’t getting delivered. No matter which company executives follow this rule, they will find themselves being the first communicators when delivering marketing lists via social media sites such as LinkedIn- even checking other accounts like Facebook can help solve any issues with emails not arriving properly!

Inform The Individuals

It’s not always easy to track down an email conversation partner who has suddenly disappeared. This can be a common problem for someone in sales, especially if you are working with the parent company and don’t know what happened to them.

Most of these switches happen because it is hard work switching positions all the time from one end of conversations to another. So going ahead and contacting the parent company about this situation might be helpful!

Domain Checkup

It’s not rare to trash junk from our lives through online orders, so why don’t we be gentle and naive when ordering information? If an email service is down or dead for a long time, then it will stay that way forever. Does that make no sense-why waste your valuable time and resources on something like this?

When you are having issues with your domain provider, you can basically do nothing about it since they’re down or offline. It’s just as if there was never one! You better move on instead of wasting more precious time trying to fix what cannot be fixed.

Professional Help

Getting professional help may be the best option if there seems like anything outside what one person can handle at any given point in time will have dire consequences without assistance from professionals who know how this kind of thing works.

So don’t hesitate to reach out for expert advice if anything feels beyond your control.

Capture valid email addresses

As it turns out, we are capable of understanding and solving any problems that come our way. We learn from them too so these sorts of things don’t happen in the future and we can do it without worrying about this stuff!

You can do a lot more than you think of in order to capture valid email addresses. A valid email address can save your money.

Never Buy Email Lists

Never pay a single penny for an email list because they’re loaded with invalid email addresses. They also feature spam traps to catch spammers as well, which means your messages will be irrelevant anyway-they’ll send your mail straight to the spam folder!

Confirm Your Email Address, Please!

Yes, adding an extra box to capture email addresses is worth the hassle it will save you. It will not only save time but also help avoid mistakes that can happen in a manual entry form like this one – which would lead to invalid captures.

Another option for capturing emails is providing the subscriber with an opportunity to confirm their subscription via a sent email after they have submitted their information manually into your form (which may be tricky). However, this method still gets the job done.

Engagement Tricks

It’s not a good idea to have an email signup prompt on the face of visitors when they first visit your website. This only makes you look untrustworthy and spammy, which is the last thing that you want if someone just landed on your site for the first time! Instead, use spaces on your website and ask people for their valuable email addresses there.

Also, don’t mention what you will send them in their inboxes as soon as they subscribe- instead, provide some benefits to try and get them started with emails coming from behind these walls. It can also be helpful to put up a banner or popup form asking people if they are interested in signing up, but make sure it appears after a visitor has been viewing things around your site so that it doesn’t seem intrusive or rushed! Plus why not ask clients who purchase something from you instead of giving out printed receipts?

There are hundreds more clever yet friendly ways to capture more valuable email addresses than this one strategy alone.

Gated Content Marketing

In case you’re imparting a splendid content marketing offer, make certain to have an attractive touchdown web page. Having a landing web page allows traffic to accumulate more information and persuades them to be converted to leads.

Business Cards Exchange

There is no more legitimate way to fill that thirst for emails than exchanging business cards with colleagues and industry leaders. Customer Relationship Management resources are a must if you want to add them to your resources.

How to check if an email is valid for free

You want to make sure your email list is complete before starting that amazing campaign you’ve been planning for a while. You’re probably wondering what the best tool would be to use to verify if an email address is valid or not- so easy!

There are various free email verifiers out there, and all you have to do is enter the desired email in the query box of one of these tools and hit “Verify.”

If it turns out that this particular e-mail was invalid, then we can see a message saying “The Email Your Provided Is Invalid,” but if this person’s e-mail address was shown as valid on first inspection, then they’ll likely get back a response with “Your Email Address Is Valid”

What if you have lots of emails and you want to verify the validity of this email in bulk. In this situation, you have to use any email verification tool from a well-known email verification service provider.

Why Email Verification is important?

The free gems available in hand are no good. Why should you waste your time checking through hundreds of email addresses? Well, the answer is simple, but it might shock you too much to understand its true potential.

Did you know more than 20% of email registrations contain typos, syntax, and other mistakes? It’s clear that your list has been affected by this fact as well. You must do something about the mess subscribers make unwillingly which includes cleaning up their mistake-ridden mail lists with regularity because when they’re clean, insights will be accurate and customer engagement rises high enough for them to become achievable goals!

A powerful email verification service could really help whenever there is an issue related to bulk data cleanup or scrubbing emails from personal contacts because a successful deliverability rate can be ensured only if these tasks are regularly carried out without fail.


The marketing side of the business has always been fascinated with email marketing. It’s also been a favorite so far. To run effective email campaigns, you have to do some legwork. Consider email validation as one of them. There are numerous ways to boost your next email marketing campaign, so keep reading for some pointers.

Make sure to eliminate those email addresses that don’t work or recapture them. Make sure you work hard to have the cleanest email lists possible for future campaigns, and your next effort will be worthwhile.


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